Friday, February 3, 2012

How does the YMCA Retirement Fund Work?

One of the benefits available to all Y staff is access to the YMCA Retirement Fund. Once your employment begins you can elect to contribute a percentage of your pretax earnings into a retirement fund for yourself. What would electing to contribute do for you? It would create and begin to put fund into a 403b smart account for you, it would lower you taxable income, it would lower the amount taxes you pay, and begin to grow your retirement funds.

To begin to contribute download and fill out this form and bring it to Cathy or Jason.

When will you qualify for employer contributions? For you part-time employees You will become eligible to participate in the Fund when you are age 21 or older and have worked for two years and have completed 1000 hours of employment within each of those or any two years. After these enrollment requirements have been met you will be enrolled on the 1 of the month following your anniversary date. Once this has been achieved the Y will contribute the equivalent of 8% of your gross wages to the fund.

YRF (YMCA Retirement Fund) recently released to new tools for plan members. They now have an iPhone app that will allow you see how much you have saved in each of your accounts, watch the Fund’s videos, and get information about the Fund. You can grab the app here.

They have a great Retirement Goal Calculator that you can access when you log into their website. Once the calculator knows your annuity choice, the monthly annuity amount you would like, and your desired retirement date, it will tell you how much extra 403(b) Smart Account savings you need to put away each month in order to reach your goal.

If you have any questions on the retirement fund please contact me or visit their website.

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