Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Switch to Paycom

After many years of using the Paychex product Time-In-A-Box to record time for our part-time employees we are moving to a more modern and functional service. Beginning Thursday, January 26th we are switching to Paycom On-line for our Time and Attendance and payroll service.

The biggest change to you will be in the way your time is recorded. Instead of having a time clock or pc entry option all time will be recorded through the Paycom website. Each staff member will receive a new employee id, and follow the setups below to login to employee self-service. In this portal you will be able to punch in and out, access your time card, print copies of your check stubs and more. The time clock portion will only work at The Y, but the other features can be accessed from away where.

Login Instructions
1. Go to http://www.paycomonline.com
2. Click on the 'Employee Sign-In' Link in the top left corner.
3. Use the information provided below to login.
4. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login.
5. To Clock In, click on the Web Time Sheet