Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leadership Competency Model Overview

In 2010, The Y as a movement began to focus on developing cause-driven leaders and to that end presented a new model for growth, learn, and leading. The overarching model is above and the learning model is below.

The Y’s Leadership Competency Model is:
 1. organized by four disciplines of cause-driven leadership
* Mission Advancement
* Collaboration
* Operational Effectiveness
* Personal Growth

2. comprised of 18 leadership competencies (leadership knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for success in the Y)

3. Organized into levels of leadership
* Leader
* Team Leader
* Multi-Team or Branch Leader
* Organizational Leader

Here is a power point to help further explain the model and how to apply it to your career.

Further learning on this model can be found within the LCM Guide, and you can download the LCM Guide here.

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